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Fencing Colorado
Since 1942 

Taylor Fence Company was established in 1942. It is the oldest continuously operating company offering a complete line of fence, custom gates, gate operators and access controls in Colorado Springs and among the largest in the State of Colorado.

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Be certain your project’s safety and security is Taylor’d to the FIVE Ds.

We’ve got you covered on the 5Ds of security.

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Create a barrier that sends a clear message to people, animals, or traffic.

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Identify the presence of intruders with systems that sense and capture footage.

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Create access points for approved parties while maintaining a barrier for all others.

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Fortify against unwanted intrusion while keeping access for approved parties convenient.

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Alert stakeholders, authorities, and others to take action when intrusion is detected.

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Trusted solutions for a variety of applications


Get the latest security technology to provide convenient access where appropriate and reliably deny access as needed.


Our Taylor’d industrial solutions meet the highest demands from crash-rated gates that halt terrorist vehicular attacks to zoo walls that keep a 600lb. Grizzly safely separated from families.


Combine convenience and architectural appeal with reliable protection of people and property.


We can deliver the specific fence and gate to fit your property and security needs.

Temporary Fencing

Whether you’re planning temporary fencing in advance, or you have a last minute need, we can deliver the Taylor’d solution for you.

Taylor’d to last and last

Be certain your project’s safety and security is Taylor’d to the FIVE Ds.

Trusted solutions for a variety of applications